Why crime stories continue to fascinate large audiences is beyond debate at this point. Pop culture has been immersed in organized crime tales ever since Vito Corleone started making offers no one could refuse. Now the gaming industry is capitalizing on the unquenchable thirst gamers have for playing out their own crime fantasies from the relative safety of their own homes. Vengeance is a popular theme among crime story games and being able to act out personal revenge through games allows many people to unleash pent-up aggression.

A landmark film that is always listed in any serious critic’s top 10 movies of all time The Godfather is an American family saga that continues to influence pop culture today. From intense characters, brutal acts of retribution and subject matter that touches every facet of life the film translates easily to the surreal world of video games. Starting out as a soldier a game player of The Godfather works his way up through the Capo regime to one day head his own family and bask in the infamy and fortune that follow. Forging alliances, testing the loyalty of friends and associates and making difficult, sometimes fatal, decisions regarding life and death the game captures the unique and fragile fabric of the American crime family that has been woven into pop culture.

Another film that lends its ruthless storyline to video games is the Brian De Palma classic Scarface. Set in Miami right after the disastrous Muriel boat lift the film tracks the meteoric rise and subsequent fall of a brutal and calculating drug kingpin who stops at nothing to exact his wealth and fame. The movie was an instant hit with audiences and has achieved a long-lasting following among crime story fans. The video game continues that tradition and features the turbulent, glamorous and violent world of Tony Montana as he fights his way to the top of the bloody and unforgiving world of the narcotics trade.

A cult classic right from its release Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs gained instant fame for being brutally violent and uncompromising in its portrayal of a gang of diamond robbers. The video game based on the movie originally drew controversy for it violence and the game itself was banned in several countries. Players of the game struggle to stay a step ahead of the cops while also navigating their way through the web of intrigue surrounding the gang itself as gamers walk the fine line between ‘psycho’ and ‘professional’. With a cast of literally colorful characters including Mr. Pink, Mr. White and Mr. Blue Reservoir Dogs gives game players the chance to act out the heist crime fantasy without having to answer directly to the remorseless men in black.

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