All the movie files need to be converted into the name of M4V10001.MP4 format as the video file opens with M4V followed by five numbers and it concludes with .MP4. Apart from the file being converted into MP4 format a computer, a memory stick and an Internet connection are the requirements for storing movies. In order to support the movie file format MPEG-4 2.0 version of PSP is needed to work properly.

The following quick tips on how to put movie in a PSP shows the correct procedure. But before that the manual has to be read by the individual. At first the PSP is connected with the computer. Then the memory stick will appear in the computer. Next a new folder with the name MP_ROOT is to be created in the root directory of the Memory Stick. Then again a new folder is created with the name 101MNV01 or 100MNV01 inside the initially created folder of MP_ROOT. The names are so given that it should matches with the MPEG-4 movie files.

Subsequently copy or upload or transfer or put the M4V formatted movie files in to MP_ROOT and after that 100MNV01 or 101MNV01. Finally once the selected movie files are saved then the PSP is disconnected from the computer. Thus it is ready to play the movies once the computer is connected. To play the movies the video is to be navigated on PSP and the memory stick is selected. Then the X button is selected and clicked. Once it is clicked it shows the movie files lists and from it the desired movie is selected and again the X button is selected and clicked for viewing.

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